Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Legend of the Urney Leprechaun

Earlier this week I received an email from Julie in Montana, USA. She recently acquired an Urney Chocolates tin and was trying to put a value on it. I couldn't say how much it is worth but I can give a little background information on it. It was produced as part of an advertising campaign to encourage sales of the Urney threepence bars. The rhyme on the tin forms part of a longer ballad
"The Legend of the Urney Leprechaun" written by author Bernard Share in 1954, while working for the O'Kennedy Brindley Advertising Agency. All eight verses, illustrated by Neil O'Kennedy, were then translated to screen to become Ireland's first full-colour commercial to be shown in cinemas nationwide. I don't know how many of these leprechaun tins are in circulation today but I imagine there aren't too many in such good condition. Cute.

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