Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brendan Grace - yearning for Urney!

Yesterday the comedian Brendan Grace was chatting to Pat Kenny on RTE 1. Speaking from his hospital bed where he was recovering from surgery he explained to Kenny that his Diabetes had complicated an infection in his foot. But, he joked, rumours of the demise of his leg are greatly exaggerated. During the interview Grace talked about the huge lifestyle changes he had to make when he was diagnosed with Diabetes type II, fifteen years ago. The dedicated sweet tooth had to give up the chocolates, sweets and biscuits he so loved. His new book Amusing Grace dedicates 7 or 8 pages to all the sweet stuff of his childhood. "Are you old enough to remember Urneys?" he asked Pat as he went on to reminisce about Urney's Milk Tray, Regal Milk and Two and Two bars. It was clearly a struggle to give up his sugary fix, you could still hear the longing in his voice.
Well I hope you get well very soon Brendan and thanks for the memories.

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