Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Book featured on RTE One - Four Live

This afternoon Tom Doorley was promoting his book "Eating for Ireland" on RTE's Four Live show. He chatted to Maura Derrane about favourite foods of our childhood and how they evoke a longing for a simpler but comforting time. His book celebrates this nostalgia and discusses how we used to eat throughout the years. Of course, Urney Chocolates got a mention. Tom and Maura waxed lyrical about the delectable Two and Two bar and the toothsomely chewy Bobby bar. At one point Maura furtively produced my book Sweet Memories- The Story of Urney Chocolates" from under the counter, taking care not to reveal its cover. She opened the book to point at a picture of a Two and Two Bar wrapper. As the camera lingered on the image they enthusiastically discussed the reincarnation of the well-loved bar. Unfortunately, there was no mention of the book title or its author and the implication was that this was a double page spread from Tom's book. Shame.....I feel a bit cheated..... See the programme for yourself here (scroll to 17.36mins for the Tom Doorley interview.) Link is only available til December 1st. Feel free to highlight this injustice by emailing ......

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