Friday, October 22, 2010

Hadji Bey back on our shelves

L.C. Confectionery, owner of many Irish vintage confectionery brands, including Urney Chocolates, has introduced Hadji Bey Turkish Delight back to the market. Hadji Bey the company, was established in 1902 in Cork by Armenian national, Harutun Batmazian. Harutun's first career choice, like Urney Chocolates founder, Harry Gallagher, was law. While studying in Istanbul (then Constantinople) Harutun found time to help out in a confectionery business producing Turkish Delight. However, when the Turks began executing Armenian Christians he fled to south west Ireland. Despite having no English or financial backing Haruntun set up shop in MacCurtain Street, Cork and before long had converted the Irish to the exotic charms of Turkish Delight. 

Today in County Kildare, Hadji Bey sweetmeats are still lovingly handmade to original recipes. Available in Original Rose and Rahat Lokoum (a mix of Rose, Orange and Lemon) flavours, the sweets are
hand packed in beautifully designed sturdy, round boxes. The boxes retail at a very reasonable 8.95 from outlets nationwide, such as the English Market, Cork and The Chocolate Shop. They can also be found in exclusive London foodstore, Fortnum and Mason.

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