Sunday, November 15, 2009

my very first blog post....

Well finally! Here I am in bloggerland. First off, thanks to my very clever big bruv who came up with the very catchy "yearning for Urney" phrase. Urney Chocolates was an Irish company set up in the early 1900s by my great grandparents. What started as a mild passing interest in family stuff soon ballooned into an all-consuming quest for the story of Urney Chocolates. Initially, I fancied the idea of illustrating my great grandmothers life (she was quite a lady!). But when I set to work on the modest little project I'd been tossing about in my head, it had grown into something a bit chunkier and, if I'm honest, scarier. But it is exciting. I'm about half-way through the venture and I'd love to share the story with you.

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