Saturday, November 26, 2011

You'll Ruin your dinner....

You'll Ruin your dinner.... Sweet Memories from an Irish Childhood is a new book by Damian Corless.  All those nostalgic sweetie moments from our childhoods are captured by Damian as he relives his younger, sugar-fuelled days. A self-confessed sweet tooth, Damian is also one of Ireland's foremost journalists. He works with the Irish Independent and is former editor of In Dublin and Magill. More of his books include GUBU Nation (2004) and The Greatest Bleeding Hearts Racket In The World (2010).
I haven't read the book yet but managed to leaf through it on a recent trip to my local book store. It promises to be an entertaining read and I'm sure Urney Chocolates gets a mention along with favourite brands of the day such as HB Ices and Cleeves. Interesting interview with Damian here. I look forward to discovering the book in my Christmas stocking in a few weeks. 

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